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Soul Healing located in Ponda is the first Counseling & Healing Centre founded by Psychotherapist Aditi Tendulkar. The Centre deals specifically with mental health and emotional, social, psychological or behavioral concerns that are faced by individuals of all age groups. Our goal is to achieve happiness and fulfill the life of all our clients by assisting them to enhance their mental wellbeing, which in turn becomes a path towards discovery and awareness of their innermost self.

One of the prime goals of the Centre is to assist individuals to find resolutions to their concerns or issues, which would inherently lead to helping them achieve their highest level of potential.Mental health is extremely important and yet taken for granted at most times. It affects how one thinks, perceives and comprehends their life, which incoherently has an effect with how they feel and behave. It also determines how one is able to handle stress and adapt to their surroundings along with making self-fulfilling rational choices. Mental health is the prime component during ones childhood at which time it takes potential form and is thereby mirrored in their adulthood.

Psychotherapy is a process of guiding a person or a group of people who are faced with any issues or grievances in their lives and helping them find appropriate solutions for the same. It is the power of two-way communication, which does not involve advising or providing recommendations. It involves the process of appropriate interpretation of facts, which thereby leads into being efficient and productive with available resources in one’s environment. The ultimate goal is to promote balanced and optimal individual development. Awareness is the key to everything. For change to occur, one needs to be aware about his/her own patterns of behavior.

Albert Einsten rightly defined the true nature of Insanity, which is doing something over and over again while expecting a different response. Most of us do that so often without realizing it. Soul Healing believes in absolute Privacy & Confidentiality of their clients abided by an undertaking. Counselling is a continuous process and often takes a longer duration of time as most patterns & behaviors of human beings are deep rooted and conditioned throughout childhood. Therapy is extremely essential today and can help everyone which include people belonging to every age group and every field across the spectrum of our population.

The objective of Soul Healing to assist more and more people to consider psychotherapy to help them find adaptive ways to manage their issues in a healthy manner.

It is not always possible to change others or change situations, but it is always possible to change oneself for a better life! Why adjust and sacrifice? Why pretend to be happy? Why not make the most of yourself and live the life you always wanted? Counseling would be the first step! Come join us at Souls. Come in as one person and leave as another happier, fulfilled and satisfied version of yourself.

Collaborations & Projects

  • Oorja Wellness Centre – Alternative Medicine, Margao
  • Gurukul Academy, Ponda
  • Sanjeevan Society for Youth Development & Nursing, Ponda
  • College of Arts & Science, Ponda Education Society (PES), Ponda.
  • Dhilasa – Project for Palliative Care – Indian Medical Association, Ponda
  • Sapscon Engineering Private limited, Ponda.
  • Sports Physiotherapy Aqua Rehabilitation Centre, Ponda.    
  • GHK Sprouting Dreams, Margao.
  • G.V.M’s Dr. Dada Vaidya College of Education, Ponda.
  • G.V.M’s Adarsh Higher Secondary, Ponda.
  • Bailancho Ekvott, Margao.

Workshops for Organizations

  • V M Salgaokar College of Law, (Panjim)
  • BBA Multifaculty College (Darbandoda)
  • ChildLine India – Ministry of Women & Child Development (Panjim)
  • Nestle India (Usago)
  • Rotary Club (Ponda)
  • Goa Children Court (Panjim)
  • The General Practioner’s Association (Goa)
  • Cadila Health Care (Kundai)
  • The Judiciary District Court (Margao)
  • Rozenberger Electronic Co. (Verna Industrial Estate)
  • The Office of District Magistrate & District Appropriate Authority (Margao).
  • G.V.M’s College of Commerce & Economics (Ponda)
  • College of Arts & Commerce, Murgaon Education Society -MES (Vasco)
  • Watson’s Pharma Pvt Ltd (Verna)
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