Everyone person can benefit from Therapy. Therapy encourages people to have open and honest conversations about the things in their lives that are causing distress to them. In work, one is able to identify the major goals that people would want to work on themselves. Major emphasis is laid down on the fact that one cannot change others but we can change our own selves and the environment to live a fulfilled life. One is able to vent out their innermost thought process in a non-judgmental safe space.

A therapy session ideally lasts for about 60 mins once a week, where in one is able to become aware of their own behavioral patterns and the sources of the same, which ideally occur from childhood. Heavy emphasis is also laid down on coping mechanisms and understanding own belief systems to help deal with the issue more comprehensively. At the end of every sessions, one is given homework to be carried out outside the therapy session which further enhances awareness, growth & change.

“Mental Health is As Important As Physical Health”

“Privacy & Confidentiality is Maintained through a Strict Contract”

Feeling Secured & Empowered

Having Direction Towards Achieving Goals

Having a Safe Non judgmental Space to Vent out

Making Healthier Conscious Choices to Life

Developing Healthy Coping Mechanisms to Issues Being Faced

Healthier Support Systems and Relationships

Resolving Conflicts & Forming Stronger Bonds with Self & Others


Individual Therapy

Talk therapy helps people discover themselves, increases awareness of self and others, having concrete goals for therapeutic change, recognizing maladaptive patterns and coping mechanisms, resolving conflicts in an effective manner, having better interpersonal relationships, coping with emotional difficulties and stress while achieving true sense of fulfilled and happy life. Schedule a session with us to help you deal with your concerns and issues in a functional manner.

Career Guidance & Planning

A career choice is one of the most important and difficult choices in ones life. Making effective choices is extremely important for one to have stable professional & financial life. We offer a range of psychometric testing at our centre which specifically cater to understanding ones Personality, Interests, Aptitude for learning and Intelligence. Based on the scores recieved on each criteria, one is able to choose the best career choices for themselves. Schedule a session with us to help you make the best career choices.

Couple Counselling

All couples go through their ups and downs in any long term or short term relationships. The union of two different people can create various differences as personalities inherently differ. Schedule a session with us to deal with effectively in repairing issues while fostering healthy communication, creating intimacy, negotiating differences, overcoming trauma, accepting new changes & adjustments, dealing with difference of opinion or attitudes and solving issues faced in relationships for a happier life together.

Child Counselling

Children go through various issues, which are quiet different from the ones adults go through. Due to the young age, children are unable to make sense out of what is happening. Schedule a session with us to help children better deal with fears, phobias, social withdrawal or isolation, self harm practices, problems related to sleep, effective communication, sibling rivalry, anger, anxiousness, grief or loss, low self esteem, emotional difficulties, bullying, peer pressure, imaginary friends, constant lying, learning difficulties, going through separation or divorce of parents.

Organisational Counselling

Counselling sessions conducted for the employees who are facing difficulties either work or at home which is inherently affecting their work performance. Healthy growth of any organization depends on the productivity and the effort of the employees working. Schedule a session with us to help employees develop positive attitude, effective leadership and team work, effective communication skills, optimal functioning under stress, increasing motivation and boosting morale, feeling more satisfied and content. We assist employers to help create a space within the organization that would boost high work performance.

Short Term Courses

We conduct various short term courses for individuals as well as small groups on various topics based on the interests of the students which have a theoretical framework along with practical application & demonstration. These are created with aim to help students have a better understanding of the complexities of and the world around them focusing on different schools of thoughts, counseling skills & techniques and therapies in psychotherapy which include Art therapy, play therapy, gestalt therapy, NLP, understanding learning disabilities, understanding parenting and psychological milestones, effective study methods for children, working with special children, graphology, understanding body language, life skills. Contact us to find out about the upcoming courses.

Supervision Sessions

Supervision sessions are available for budding psychology students and newly practicing practioners in the filed of psychotherapy to gain better insight into conducting a session, dealing with transference and countertransference, dealing with own trigger during sessions, developing own counseling skills, discussing models and techniques suited to each client, developing own style of therapeutic expertise. Schedule a session with us today to acquire focused supervision session with an experienced Psychotherapist.

Access Consciousness Bars

It is considered to be a form of healing, which is practiced globally. The assumption states that there are 32 energy points located on our brain, which connects to different aspects of ones life, and store electromagnetic components of thoughts, ideas, attitudes, feelings, beliefs that one possesess. Schedule a session with us to deal you help with issues that you face in your life which include anxiousness, sadness, speedy recovery from injuries, surgeries, diseases and thereby foster relaxation, regularizing energy levels, letting go of issues held on to the past, enhance mental clarity, improved overall functioning of work and emotional regulation.

Workshops & Seminars

We conduct a wide range of workshops and seminars to various educational institutes, Corporates and Industries, Clubs, Government institutions and NGO’s. The workshops and seminars are to help participants access more knowledge, awareness and vivid perspectives to understand various topics in depth and fruitful manner. Each workshop would be developed and designed based on the specific need of the institution. Few of the common workshops involve stress management, communication skills, coping with emotions & mental health, understanding body language, emotional regulation, leadership and team work, understanding mental health, parenting.

Other Services


Graphology is the art of understanding personality through one’s handwriting. Through graphology one is able to understand major personality attributes and behavioural patterns with the help of handwriting. When is also able to have a better understanding of self and others with the help of reading peoples way of writing and their signature by itself. Schedule a session with us to know and learn more about ones character along with ways to change behavioral patterns with the help of handwriting.


Hypnotherapy is a form of relaxation or extreme concentration to achieve a heightened state of consciousness. Clinical hypnotherapy is considered to be a form of alternative therapy, which works best with regular therapy. Schedule a session with us to help you cope with issues that you face in your day-to-day life with the help of hypnosis. One can recall suppressed memories and childhood memories and thereby have a better understanding of how the issues of the past have an impact on you today. Hypnotherapy is considered to help one cope with a wide range of conditions, issues, and unwanted behaviors.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is a cluster of techniques, which is used globally that prominently makes usage of neurological processes, languages and behavioral patterns to achieve desired goals. NLP sessions help in achieving quicker results without getting in the depth of how it came into existence or the past in requires limited number of sessions. Schedule a session of NLP with us to deal with a wide range of issues that include psycho somatic illness, allergy clearance, intense phobias and fears, restructuring self & building confidence, anxiety, obsessive patterns.

Dream Interpretation Prognosis

Dream interpretation is a process of assigning meaning to various dreams. Based on most theories dreams are accurate representation of our basic needs and issues that we are facing which is an unconscious re-presentation. The process of dream interpretation has prominently help various people understand the true meaning of the conflicts and find appropriate resolutions to the same. Schedule a session with us to understand your dreams in depth and accordingly deal with the underlying fears and issues of the subconscious mind.

Art Therapy

An Art therapy session provides the platform to freely express themselves with the help of colors, art materials, and a blank canvas. At times, talking about an issue can be very scary or over whelming, however, venting out is extremely important to deal appropriately. Under these circumstances, art therapy sessions help clients create a safe space to freely express themselves through art. Based on the art, discussions take place about exploring emotions, awareness, confidence, conflict-resolutions strategies, coping with stress. Schedule an art therapy session with us as a creative process to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Transactional Analysis

TA is branch of psychotherapy that makes sense of an individuals thought patterns, feelings and behaviors with the help of three ego states that reside within all of us which are the Parent, Adult and the Child which are created ideally during childhood based on individual unique experiences. Most conflicts arise due to the constant fluctuation of the Parent ego state or the Child ego state and lack of Adult Awareness. Schedule a session with us to understand your thought process in depth using the TA model and become aware of why you do the things you do.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a form of a counseling intervension that focuses on treating a wide range of psychological issues, which include anxiousness, stress, fears and phobias, emotional overwhelming, low confidence, low assertiveness, loss or grief as well as psychosomatic complaints. In an EFT session, individual focuses on a specific issue while tapping on specific points of the body’s energy meridians accompanied with cognitive restructuring of thoughts and facing the issue that is bothersome. Schedule a session with us to understand this technique in depth and thereby use it to cope with the issues being faced.

Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation helps in attaining Balance of mind, body & soul, develop energy to heal self, enhance your wellbeing, connect self to the higher order, effectively deal with physiological problems, cope effectively with stress, deal effectively with negative emotional conflicts, achieve mental calmness & serenity, concentration & focus, awareness of self. Schedule a session with us to unblock your seven chakras, which get blocked due to emotional turbulences and conflicts. The procedure involves specific asanas (postures), mudras (hand gestures), mantras (chants), along with visualization and concentration.

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