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Ketaki Thanki

She has completed her Masters degree in Wellness Counselling in Nirmala’s Institute of Education. She has prominently worked in schools and hospitality sector using the wellness approach. She aims to spread awareness about mental health and positive psychology which can air individuals in becoming better versions of themselves. She truly believes that helping clients build courage to take charge of their through self love can help attain major changes in growth.

Vandana Tendulkar

Vandana Tendulkar – Career Counsellor & Expert on Meditation and Yoga for Mental & Physical Health

She has worked as a Judge with District & Sessions Court in Goa for about 20 years. She was also the first and only President of Children’s Court for the State of Goa for 5 years. She has pursued multiple courses in the field of career counseling and has prominently worked with various adolescents and young adults to assist them to find the careers. She has also pursued her Yoga teacher training course from Swami Vivekanad Institute of Yoga and has prominently worked with various patients.

Faye Quadros

Child Psychologist,

She has completed her MA in Counselling Psychology at Carmel College, Goa. She is a Montessori Trained professional and has extensive experience working with children. She runs her own educational institution for children while monitoring teachers and conducting workshops for the parents and children. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher and incorporates Yoga techniques while working with children.

Talasha Sawant

She holds a Masters degree in Wellness Counselling from Nirmala’s Institute of Education. She is creative in her approach and is understanding towards her clients. She believes that every individual possesses strengths that they can use to design the life they desire. Thus, she works towards helping her clients in identifying these strengths and then helping clients use these strengths to problem solve.

Nita Ghadi

She has completed her Diploma in Education (Special Education) from Lokvishvas.Prathishtan. She prominently works with children who have learning and intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has also worked with children with Mental Retardation.

Prarthana Kaushik

She is currently pursuing her masters in Child Psychology & Child Development from Parvatibai Chowgule College and is interning with Soul Healing.

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