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Graphology, is the analysis of physical characteristics of an individual’s handwriting that tell us a lot about his/ her personality traits. Basically, nothing is hidden from trained graphologist. They can see a person’s best and worse! Different strokes in handwriting bring out the uniqueness of a person. It helps to determine a complete character profile of an individual,


It is believed that, even though you write with your hand, it is actually your brain that writes. Therefore, handwriting is also called as ‘brain writing’. Often, when we write it is considered to be a photo of how we think, feel and behave. Though practicing graphology seems very interesting and fascinating; it is important to understand whether or not it is scientific in nature. The studies of handwriting analysis fail to fulfil a very important criteria to be qualified as scientific in nature. There are very few studies published for the fellow researchers to examine, challenge and replicate in this field. Some organisations conduct these studies and use it for their own benefits and do not publish the results for further research. This limits any further findings to prove that graphology is scientific in nature. Therefore, graphology is considered to be a pseudo- science. However, it is very important to understand that the lack of proof does not mean the handwriting analysis is not valid at all. The professionals have their personal reasons to believe in this analysis, findings of which have proven to be true in solving their own cases.


There are a number of areas where handwriting analysis can be used; starting with self. It helps us get an insight and understand ourselves better. Graphology also provides the employers with an advantage when it comes to hiring new employees, giving promotions etc. in corporate settings. Team building or business partners can get a compatibility analysis done for better results. Compatibility in relationships, friendships and other personal relations can be tested through graphology As your handwriting portrays your personality to an extent, it can help you plan your career choices based on the qualities you possess. Parents may discover characteristics of their young and growing children in the handwritings, which may be of importance in their future lives. It also helps teachers to understand the strength and weakness of the students. Psychiatrists, psychologist and psychotherapist can save their time on initial sessions by using handwriting analysis.


Another very crucial area of practice for graphology is the Law. It helps detect crimes and identify suspects. Though the law doesn’t mention anything concrete about this; it also does not stop anyone from using it. Use of handwriting analysis in law and corporate areas cannot be challenged for bias as it does not reveal gender, race, religion, age or family status and hence there is no discrimination on these grounds.


Many a times the use of graphology is confused with the use of astrology or psychic abilities. It is mistaken to be predicting the future. It very important to know that; the graphologists attempt to decipher the personality of the person which in turn reveals a lot about the person’s behaviour. The recurring patterns of thoughts, choices and decisions helps the professional to predict certain things the person might do in the near future. But it is definitely far from astrology or psychic.


A good sample for this analysis is one or more unlined pages written by the subject preferably in black coloured ballpoint or fountain pen. This document should be original and not photocopied. The matter written by the subject should be spontaneous and not pre planned. It is important for the analyst to understand the circumstances under which the subject wrote the matter. Even after taking care of all the above mentioned points there is a possibility that the analyst might fall short of the sample. For example: sometimes it is possible that the strokes the analyst specifically looking for, might occur only twice in the entire written matter and the analyst might not be able to draw a conclusion or draw a faulty conclusion. That is why it is important to have sufficient amount of matter for the analyst to draw an appropriate conclusion.


On the other hand sometimes the subject’s signature analysis reveals more than the decent written sample. It is said that our signatures reflects the personality that we portray to the public. While our regular script reveals more about our personal and real self! A legible signature is a sign of confidence and comfort in one’s own skin, while an illegible signature is the mark of a private or hard-to-read person.


There are two universal methods of graphology. The first one is known as the Gestalt method and the second one is known as the trait method. The Gestalt method of analysis is where the handwriting analysis is made from a distance and by looking at the entire script written by the subject. On the other hand, the Trait method is used when the handwriting analysis is made from a close range and by paying attention to each stroke. Trait method is widely used by most of the practitioners. This method studies a specific stroke formation to determine a personality trait.


Apart from having all the positives; graphology has its own set of limitations. It fails to detect the gender and age of the subject. It also cannot identify if the writer is right handed or left handed. These analyses do not discover the nationality, caste, creed or the religion of the subject.


Many people wonder if there is a way to change their personality by changing their handwriting; well it can be done through the science of Graphotherapy. Graphotherapy is the scientific way to make alterations or changes in one’s handwriting which directly impacts their personality. 


An individual’s Handwriting is a reflection of who he or she is, as mentioned above its ‘brain writing’. Every stroke in one’s handwriting correlates with a personality trait within them. While practicing graphotherapy the hand sends signals to the mind to make some conscious desirable changes, over a period of 21-28 days these conscious changes start reflecting in your behavior. Thus, it can be said that a person can consciously change his/ her personality traits by making changes in the way he/ she writes.


Through brain activity, we express consciously or unconsciously in our handwriting, our feelings, our desires and our intention and thoughts. If we try to conceal them, we cannot do so, because we cannot change our personality overnight and an expert in graphology can easily detect, by a single analysis, the real thought, feeling or will find the effort that she made to trick the analyst.


The changes in one’s personality will show in the handwriting. And handwriting analysis helps one figure that out. Graphology is not just a science; it’s an art as well!


Prarthana Kaushik

Soul Healing

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